Wargame Miniature Basics series:

This ongoing set of videos is meant for the absolute newcomer to the hobby side of wargaming.  I hope that these videos provide you with the seeds of skill that will carry you further on into this wonderful hobby.  I'll be continually updating this series until the basics are all covered.

This video covers the basics of brush care and cleaning.

These videos cover removing your model from the sprue, cleaning up mold lines and surface imperfections, and finally filling gaps in your model.

How to Prepare Your Model for Painting Part 2

This video covers types of glue, dryfitting or model, and gapfilling on organic shaped models.
Assembling Your Models

This video addresses primer and its importance to a good paintjob.
Priming Your Models

This video covers the whys and hows of thinning your paints.
Thinning Your Paints

This video covers the basics of color theory and how that knowledge can be applied to your models to improve your paintjob.
Basic Color Theory

This section of the blog will be continually updated with links to the latest tutorials I've put out.  Keep checking back from time to time to see what's new!