Commission Rates and Information

Welcome and Thank You for Checking Out Rose City Miniatures!

My desire is to provide a quality painting service for the wargaming community that produces people's dream projects, the ones that make people take one look and say "Wow!" It doesn't matter what system or company the miniatures are from, I am here to do the work and do it well, guaranteed.

Commission Pricing

Character Models – Starting at standard Level 3 price and up from there depending on what you're looking for.
Infantry Models 20mm-30mm base - lvl 1 $5; lvl 2 $10; lvl 3 $15 Each
Infantry Models 30mm-40mm base - lvl 1 $10; lvl 2 $20; lvl 3 $30 Each
Calvary/Bike Models - lvl 1 $15; lvl 2 $30; lvl 3 $45 Each
Walkers/Robots/Monsters 60mm base - lvl 1 $25; lvl 2 $50; lvl 3 $75 Each
Vehicles - lvl 1 $40; lvl 2 $60; lvl 3 $80 Each
Large Vehicles/Giant Monsters - $60+ Each

Levels of Quality

I have a total of three levels of quality and a character level.
- Level 1 Base Colors – For this level, your model is painted with all of its base colors using the unique Rose City Miniatures paint style and given a wash to bring out the shadows and details of the model.  Basic sand basing is also included.

- Level 2 Tabletop – For this level I paint your model according to your scheme using the RCM style.  All details of the model are gone over and brought up to an eye catching table top quality. Basic sand basing is included for models with a base, but can be upgraded to complex basing using more advanced materials. This is what most players would consider to be tabletop quality

- Level 3 High Tabletop – For this level I produce a high tabletop or display quality paintjob using the RCM style. Details are carefully gone over and freehand is used to add a decorative flare where appripriate, Weathering and pigments are also used to give the model a more realistic look.  Complex basing is standard for these model using more advanced materials such as tile, plastic sheeting and tubing, ballast, cork, brass etching, etc.

- Character Level – This level is meant for the center pieces of your army. I will paint it to your specifications using a combination of airbrush, blending, shading, highlighting, true metallics, and with a bare minimum of washes. Tell me what you're looking for and I'll do everything I can to make it a reality.

RCM Style of Painting

Please be sure to check out the images you see on the blog and those in the gallery.  If you don't like what you see, then RCM may not be for you.  The RCM style of painting results in clean base coats that have deep shadows and have a very smooth gradient to reach bright, eye-catching highlights.  The RCM style is tailored to be an ever evolving style of painting that can keep up with the latest in painting techniques to produce a high quality paintjob and also is flexible enough to allow future artists to be trained to reproduce the same paintjob years from now.  That way RCM can produce consistent paintjobs that will perfectly match previous projects for you, the client for years to come while still helping to push the limits of what model painting is.


The more I talk to people, the more I understand how incredibly important trust is in this industry. Sending hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of miniatures through the mail to a total stranger can be a nerve wracking thing.  As a business I rely on word of mouth and having a good reputation in the community.  This is what I do to pay the bills, and I am committed to doing everything I can to build and maintain a great reputation and show that it is well founded.

Getting a Commission Going

The process is simple, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and with a little work I can get you a quote on your dream project! My rates are competitive with the best in the industry and the final quote is determined by the estimated time it will take to complete your project from beginning to end.

When you contact me, please include the the following information:
- The complete list of models you want included in your project and what level of quality each is to be. This can vary from unit to unit, but all the models of each unit will be painted to the same level.
- Models that you will be providing, if any. If you don't have any of the models for your project handy, I am happy to purchase any and all models that are needed for your project.
- An idea of what you want your project to look like in the end. This includes colors, themes, conversions, etc. The more information I have the better I can produce the army of your dreams!
- Finally, two reliable methods with which I can get in contact with you. An e-mail address that you regularly check is an absolute must.

Purchasing Miniatures

I am pleased to be able to offer 20% off on ALL miniatures products to my clients.

I make sure to purchase all models for your project through my Friendly Local Gaming Stores, the same way I buy my own models. Supporting the local gaming community and fellow small buisnesses is very important to me.


All models I assemble for your project are put together with combinations of superglue, greenstuff, plastic cement, pinning, etc. All flashing and mold lines are carefully removed and smoothed out so as not to mar the model's final appearance. I take great care in making sure the models look their best on the battlefield, and good assembly is the foundation of all great paint jobs.

If your models are unassembled, I do charge a small fee for the extra work of putting them together according to our standards:
One piece Infantry Models 20mm-30mm base - $2 Each
Multi-part Infantry Models - $3 Each
Calvary/Bike Models - $5 Each
Walkers/Robots/Monsters 60mm base - $6 Each
Vehicles - $7 Each
Large Vehicles/Giant Monsters - $15+ Each

As there is additional work needed to assemble and prepare metal and resin models, the total cost of assembly will increase by 25%.

If you choose to send me you models already assembled, please make sure that the models are put together correctly and neatly. I will happily deal with any minor assembly issues such as small gaps and missed mold lines for you without any additional cost to you; however, if I receive a model that has large gaps, has not been cleaned of mold lines, or is not assembled correctly, I will disassemble it and charge for the cleaning and reassembly accordingly. If I cannot redo the assembly job then I will automatically contact you, let you know what the problem is and work out a solution.


I will notify you the moment that work has begun on your project and will update you on the progress of your project by e-mail or video chat at least once every week. If I hit a snag or a delay in the completion of your project I will let you know immediately. To me, this is one of the most important services I can offer you. I love to see your excitement as you watch your project come to life, and your input and corrections are invaluable to our progress.

Completion Time

Once we have worked out all of the details for your project I can give you an estimate on how long it will be before it is completed based on when I would receive the models in the mail and when I receive the initial down payment. Projects are accepted and completed using the first-come-first-served rule. If there is a project in front of yours then I'll only start work on your project once the other is finished and out the door. This is the easiest way for me to keep track of projects, and it is the fairest method for you the client.


Half of the total price of your project is required up front in order to get it officially added to the schedule. This is to pay for the models I am purchasing for you and the costs of any additional materials needed to start your project on its way. When your project is completed and I have confirmed that you are happy with the results I will send the project to you as soon as I receive the rest of the payment. If you are not happy with the results of my work, then I will either work out a fix for you, or refund your initial payment minus the cost of any purchased models.

If the final payment is not received in one month's time the models and the initial deposit are forfeit to Rose City Miniatures.  This can easily be avoided by making sure to remain in contact with us by answering e-mail or phone calls promptly.  I am more than happy to work out any problems you might be having.

Paypal is the easiest method to pay for your commission, I do accept personal checks as well. Money orders can be taken on a case by case basis, but only if the other two methods will not work. Cash is only acceptable if you are a local client and can meet with me in person.


Each and every miniature is wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded on each side by additional padding in the form of packing peanuts, foam, etc so that no one miniature will ever rub up against another during transit. I do everything possible to make sure that your minis will arrive in good condition; however, there is always the change of mishandling during transit, for this reason once the package has left my hands it is no longer my responsibility. All packages will automatically have a Tracking Number and Delivery Confirmation as part of their shipping costs. Insurance is optional and HIGHLY recommended. Contracting me to do a project for you automatically indicates your agreement to these terms.